One Chain Africa

Unlocking Economic Potential in Africa with OCA’s Multichain Platform

Introducing One Chain Africa​

The One Chain Africa (OCA) blockchain platform is a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges facing blockchain adoption and innovation in Africa. The platform seeks to empower all Africans by providing funding, opportunities, and a single network for all African blockchain-based projects. 


This solution is aimed at creating a more inclusive and accessible blockchain ecosystem in Africa, enabling stablecoin deployment for each country, integrating on-chain KYC infrastructure, facilitating the growth and innovation of blockchain technology across the continent.

OCA Core Values

This is not just another blockchain platform.


OCA empowers each country with independent but interoperable blockchain through its multichain architecture.


OCA is a stablecoin enabler allowing decentralized applications and transaction fees to be done in local currencies.

On-chain KYC

OCA integrates a KYC-As-A-Service for all SMEs, Corporate, Dapp Developers using the platform considering the importance of KYC.

Startup Funding.

Our revenues from the platform across the continent is enough to build our dreams. We dream of funding 50 startups per country every year.

Building with OCA

One Chain Africa custom built multichain architecture allows you to build your product as planned without the unnecessary need to adjust. It allows you to deploy your dreamed Dapps leveraging on the numerous built-in features while being regulation-friendly

Cross-Border Payment

OCA’s multichain architecture makes it suitable for cross-border payment applications. Applications deployed for SMEs and Corporates that facilitates this can then do so in a secured and transparent process while also ensuring they are compliant with the law. This of course also include the cross-border remittances making it easier and cheaper for people to send and receive money across African borders.

Cross-Border Identity Verification

With the KYC-as-a-service feature, OCA enable individuals and businesses to verify their identities and fulfil compliance requirements seamlessly across borders, without the need for multiple service providers or intermediaries. Among other sectors that will benefit largely from this is the Tourism as Africans can now tour nearby and far off neighboring African countries.                   

Cross-Border Compliant Dapps

Each country in Africa have different regulations and compliance processes and licenses. Hence, it is always difficult for a product to scale across the continent. OCA enables each country to run their own blockchain platform but provides interoperable medium to other countries. This will enable any application to easily scale while observing the Sovereign differences of every country.


OCA’s range of stablecoins can be used to tokenize assets including arts, real estate, precious metal among others thereby enabling fractional ownership and trading of illiquid assets. The use of stablecoins as a medium of on-chain value provides many advantages due to their stability. The stability makes them ideal for use as a medium of exchange, store of value and unit of account. By using them, transactions can be conducted quickly and securely, with minimal fees and no risk of currency fluctuations. 

Transaction fees

One of the major challenges with existing blockchains like ERC 20 based is the need to transact in one token but pay transaction fee with another token. Most blockchain networks require users to pay transaction fees in the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain. So users need to convert their tokens to the native cryptocurrency to pay the transaction fee, which can be inconvenient and add complexity to the transaction process. OCA enables transaction fees to be paid using native currency stablecoins.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms are another sector that can benefit greatly from OCA’s KYC-as-a-service offers and stablecoin integration. DeFi platforms require KYC compliance and stablecoins for lending, borrowing, and other financial transactions. OCA’s multichain, KYC and stablecoin platform is designed to be both secure and efficient, allowing DeFi platforms to onboard users faster while maintaining compliance with regulations. 

Supply Chain

Supply chain management is another sector that can benefit from OCA’s KYC-as-a-service offers. KYC compliance is important in supply chain management to ensure the authenticity and traceability of goods and products. OCA’s KYC process provides a secure and efficient way to onboard suppliers, distributors, and other stakeholders in the supply chain. Additionally, OCA’s multichain architecture can help to increase transparency and traceability in the supply chain by leveraging blockchain technology.

Social Media

Social media platforms are increasingly incorporating blockchain-based features, such as user rewards and tokenization. KYC compliance is becoming more important for social media platforms as they look to comply with regulations and protect user data. OCA’s KYC-as-a-service offers a streamlined, secure, and efficient way for social media platforms to onboard users while maintaining regulatory compliance while also providing greater interoperability between different social media platforms.


Gaming is a rapidly growing sector in the blockchain industry, with many games incorporating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other blockchain-based features. KYC compliance is becoming increasingly important in the gaming industry, particularly in games that involve real money transactions or the exchange of NFTs. OCA’s KYC-as-a-service offers a secure and efficient way for gaming platforms to onboard users while maintaining regulatory compliance.


The bright future Africa is being designed by its youth working together without boundaries, without frictions and with passion and dreams. I’m glad to be part of this outstanding inner circle of Africa illuminated next gen tech leaders.
Armand Gaetan NGUETI
This a highly welcome development to bring the great efforts behind the scene to the fire. We look forward to a great transformative crusade of freely-spirited development agents on the African continent to awaken the dormant potential beneath our feet.
Dr. Gurvey Kavei

Unlocking Web3 Potential for Africa

OCA is a revolutionary platform that is set to transform the African tech landscape by providing a decentralized and secure financial ecosystem that is accessible to all, while also empowering startups and fostering innovation. Join us today and be a part of this exciting journey towards a brighter future for Africa